Family single full board

Family, single room, full board

225,00 €

*Accommodation is ONLY available when booking a course.
*Please read the rules and conditions of the accommodation in shared apartment on the DOWNLOAD TAB.

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Living with a Spanish family is a great and unique experience! You will have an incredible time and will most certainly feel at home. Of course, you will have to adapt to Spanish family life and habits. You will be given a personal key, so that you feel totally free, and you will also be able to receive phone calls at home. We work with many different families, each one special on its own right. Sometimes, they are traditional families with children; others consist of an adult woman who lives alone, or an older couple without children. In any case, you will find that all the families we have chosen are good-natured and accommodating!

New students to arrive from Sunday at 12.00.
Families must be vacated by Saturday at 12:00.

Towels and bed linen included. Laundry once a week.