• 179,00 €
    179,00 €

    The course is designed for students wanting to learn Spanish and to combine language study with other activities that allow you to see the city surroundings and its famous beaches. The 4 skills will be worked on within a communicative environment. We guarantee a fast and effective learning of the Spanish language. The course consists of 20 lessons of Spanish + 5 didactic social activities per week. * See special starting dates for “Beginners”.

  • 359,00 €
    359,00 €

    If you are already following one of our courses, you can improve your skills with private lessons. We will focus on those points you need more help with.The individual course aims at those students that need extra focus on some aspects of the Spanish language. It is also a great option for people that work in Valencia and need a course that suits their busy timetables. * See special starting dates for “Beginners”.

  • 239,00 €
    239,00 €

    This is the perfect combination to get the most out of your time in Valencia. Combine your intensive course with a daily conversation class to really improve your oral skills. Do you like to talk all day long? Do you want to speak like a Spaniard? This is the best option.

  • 417,00 €
    417,00 €

    Combine your intensive Spanish course with our conversation workshop and private classes, where you can work all the aspects that interest you most. A perfect combination to push your knowledge of Spanish to the next level.

  • 60,00 €
    60,00 €

    This conversation workshop is focused on discussing and learning Spanish topical issues with an intercultural approach, while working at the same time the opinion structures, expanding vocabulary and improving oral expression and interaction in a practical and interactive way. The Spanish teacher steers the conversation, encourages the group and corrects the errors of each student.* This workshop is only available when taking an Intensive Course.

  • 359,00 €
    359,00 €

    DELE is a prerequisite for working in the major Spanish companies (Inditex, Telefónica, Santander, Repsol, among others) and to study in some of the universities in our country. There are several exams per year and you can take them in our school. SIELE evaluates and certificates the level of Spanish you have. It´s an online test that you can also take here in our school.If you want to prepare yourself either for DELE or for SIELE, we recommend you to take an intensive Spanish course and combine it with private lessons focused on preparing said exams. Taronja is an official DELE and SIELE examination centre!

  • 499,00 €
    499,00 €

    Combine your intensive course with 10 private lessons a week. This option is ideal for fast forward and deepens specific needs related to your work or your studies, not usually seen in general courses.

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